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Steelplay Dual Charging Dock (PS5)

Steelplay Dual Charging Dock (PS5)

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The Steelplay Dual Charging Stand allows you to charge 2 PS5TM controllers simultaneously.

- Allows 2 PS5TM controllers to be charged at the same time
- Distinct dual colored LED light indicator showing charge status
charging: red LED
charged fully: blue LED
- Non-slip base
- Fully charge can be completed within 2 hours (when charging 1 single controller)
- Full charge to 2 controllers simultaneously within 4 hours
- Also support to store the handles if they are not charged
- Input: 5V 2A.
- Output : 5V with 2*1A
- Cable type C, length 1m included


Genre Accessories

Publisher Steelplay

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