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LEXIP Mouse - Controller 3D - Lexip Pu94 (PC)

LEXIP Mouse - Controller 3D - Lexip Pu94 (PC)


Sale Price: €80.96 €67.95 


Designed to master 3D environments intuitively on design software & games, the Lexip Pu94 is the first mouse merging two joysticks. 
● 360° INTERNAL PIVOT offers a wide variety of movements on 3 dimensions thanks to its internal silent block for +/-20 degrees in all directions. Its accuracy reaches up to 300,000+ values. Requires Low forces.
● THUMB JOYSTICK Two axis joystick with full precision on +/- 30 degrees in all directions, the rotation plan is vertical, upward, downward, forward, backward. Handy grip and fast reaction enable a 40+% boost on complex action.
● LASER SENSOR Equipped with an ADNS-9800 sensor, a speed/acceleration ratio of 150 FPS/30g as well as 2 separate accelerometers, Pu94 reaches 12000 DPI for an adjustable DPI accuracy.
● CERAMIC GLIDE FEET The comfort provided by reducing friction on all surfaces leads to a decrease in effort and greatly rests your wrist long in sessions in front of the computer. The solidity and durability of ceramics are also no longer to be proved.


Publisher LEXIP

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