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Fifa 2010 Platinum (PSP)


Price: €4.95


On the heels of FIFA Soccer 09, the world’s top-selling football franchise, EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 10 delivers a true football experience to the consumer with authentic club and league licenses as well as new tailored gameplay enhancements and innovations that combine to create the complete PC football simulation.

FIFA Soccer 10 PC is focussed on delivering an improved core gameplay experience, and significant gameplay and feature innovations, in addition to graphical enhancements.

In response to feedback from our fans, various elements of gameplay have been enhanced to give a more responsive and fluid experience. These include an improved animation system for increased responsiveness, updated collision system with new intelligent avoidance, overhauled goalkeepers, new shooting system, new aerial heading battles and improved team mate support for more passing and crossing options. In addition, quick throw-ins, free kicks and corners have been added, as well as a new authentic game speed and a legendary game difficulty setting. The first-ever true 360° dribbling system gives players finer control of the ball, enabling them to find spaces between defenders that previously were not possible.

Another new gameplay innovation is Pre-Match Scouting reports. Before each match, your coach will advise you on your opponent’s style of play and key players to watch out for, giving you key insights into learning about the opposition teams and how to beat them.

New Team Styles allow you to tailor the way your team plays and counter the style of your opponents accordingly. With 26 different team styles in the game, the teams play more life-like than ever before. And Team Styles are fully customisable, with 14 different settings to customise according to how you want your team to play

Be A Pro: Club and Country is an all new revamped Be A Pro mode that will allow you to take your player from the beginning of his career as he makes it onto the first team squad, to the peak of international stardom. Grow your professional player at the club level and work your way onto your national team in one of the most grueling challenges of any professional soccer star’s career.


Genre Football

Publisher EA

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